In Leviticus, we see a lot of feasts and festivals listed. A LOT. It seemed like the Israelites were forever partying, or camping out, or eating something symbolic. Sounds like fun, right?

Why would God expect His children to be constantly stopping their work for another feast, another festival, another sacred day? The answer is in His word.

“…so future generations will know that I made their ancestors live in shelters when I brought them out of Egypt.”

God put all of these structures in place so they wouldn’t forget. Those Hebrews were a hard-headed bunch (see also: 40 years of walking in circles) and God knew that once they got comfortable in the Land of Milk and Honey that they’d forget. They’d forget how they were slaves, and life was pretty bad, and things were generally pretty terrible for them. They’d need to be reminded, and remember to teach their children, that God had brought them a mighty long way.

What do we need to be reminded of? Have we been “in the Way” (as the old-timers used to say) so long that we don’t remember what it was like to be lost in sin? Have we been in church our whole lives, and think we have our stuff together and God has no more to teach us?

We may not be having a feast every few weeks, but we all have things God needs us to be reminded of from time to time. Maybe it helps us be a little more patient with those who haven’t “come as far” as we have. Maybe it helps us be more humble and realize we aren’t all that and a bag of chips. Maybe it makes us mindful of the less fortunate and spurs us to action to help them.

What do you need to be reminded of today?