I was driving my (16-year-old) van down the interstate recently. It’s my back-up vehicle, filling in while my (14-year-old) car and the air conditioner repairs I’ve run out of money to fix wait out the remaining weeks of summer.

That van passed the 300K mark on the odometer not long ago, and it’s showing the signs of its age.

In fact, we own three vehicles, all of which are paid for, and none of which are fewer than 14 years old.

I was praying as I was driving that day, as I often do. I was praying for something big. I was praying for a miracle.

“God, we need you to do something really big in our finances. We have a lot of things that need taken care of. We need a miracle.”

His answer:

“Give us this day, our DAILY bread.”

Wow, God, way to put me in my place.

Miracles are great. Sometimes, we do actually need those big, show-stopping acts – someone is on death’s door, our rent is due and there’s no money to cover it, or any number of other dire circumstances. But sometimes, we just need what He promised.

Provision for TODAY.

Strength for TODAY.

Guidance for TODAY.

Just like the Israelites who had to gather manna daily, we have to depend on God on a daily basis. Maybe that means that, instead of a huge chunk of money being gifted to you, you find a couple of extra dollars in a coat pocket to buy some food with. Maybe it means that, instead of a complete healing, the doctors find a treatment that helps a loved one hold on just a little longer.

Maybe, like with some repairs my van needed a few months ago, your husband gets the opportunity to do some work for someone and is paid just the amount needed to fix those repairs, just when they are the most critical, instead of a new car “falling out of the sky.”

It’s not that God can’t or won’t perform the miraculous; but, we have to trust him for the daily and He will perform the divine.

I don’t know what kind of miracle you’re believing for today. But, while you’re waiting, try believing for your daily bread.