In Leviticus 10, we hear the story of two of Aaron’s sons. Every one of the commandments that had been given to the priests in the previous chapters were given to “Aaron and his sons.” Each time, God pointed out that Aaron’s children were subject to the same rules as their father.However, this time two of them thought they were different. Nadab and Abihu offered “strange fire” to God – they didn’t follow His rules on the sacrifice. It was “unauthorized.” They were doing things their way. The consequence? Instant death.

And Aaron held his peace.

He knew that God was right. He knew that his sons were being held to the same standard he was. He also knew that God was holding him accountable for their actions.

There are other cases where God held a parents accountable for what their children did, or didn’t do. Why does that concept escape us as modern-day parents? Why wouldn’t we think that God expects us to make sure our children know His statutes, follow His laws, and learn His truths? We have to, as they grow up, monitor what they are exposed to. We have to make sure we not only send them to church, we take them there – and that we know what they’re being taught and reinforce those lessons. They need to see us serving God consistently day in and day out, because God holds us accountable for their upbringing.

We can’t control them in their adulthoods – no matter how much we’d like to. But we do have to step up to the plate while we’re raising them and see that they get the guidance and examples they need.

The buck really does stop here.