I have three dogs. They’re big, lovable, labs. We “procured” them over the space of about two months about two years ago.

Earlier this year, the six of us moved to the country. The dogs love it – we live on several acres in a secluded area, so they are allowed to roam free. They do a really good job of staying on our property, and are generally well behaved.

Unfortunately, they also do a really good job at “protecting” us. That might mean that I’m awakened at 3 a.m. because the paper carrier is coming onto the property, or that I have to get up from my dinner because Lucky (our lone male) is having a fit about the dogs from up the road approaching our place.

But, that’s one reason I enjoy having them out here. For protection. When I’m walking to my mother’s house next door at night, they “escort” me, wait on her porch, and “escort” me back. There are all sorts of wild animals in the woods around us, so having those bodyguards makes me feel much better.

Sometimes, though, it gets to be a bit much! I’d like to be able to ignore them, or maybe even have their “barker” taken out, but that’s defeating the purpose a bit. I have to heed their warnings, or I risk missing one that’s possibly life threatening.

The Holy Spirit is like our internal “guard dog.” He alerts us when we are about to get into a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, many Christians decide to ignore Him and eventually, their “conscience is seared like a hot iron” (I Timothy 4:2) and His warnings don’t mean much anymore.

I pray that, just like I must pay attention to my dogs’ warnings for them to be effective, we will continue to be attentive to the warnings of the Holy Spirit and be saved from some spiritually dangerous situations.