It’s happened to all of us. We take a picture without considering the background – usually, because it’s something we’ve seen so often that it doesn’t even register with us anymore. And, we’re horrified when we see the results…clutter, trash, things out of place. It’s like we’re seeing it for the first time! Sometimes we have an opportunity to remove what doesn’t belong and take another photo.

Sometimes, we don’t see it until it’s too late and the moment is over.

God’s word functions like that in our lives. It holds a mirror up to our souls, helping us to see things that He has known were problems, but we’ve learned to ignore. Over and over again, He gives us opportunities to correct what is wrong in our lives. We need to be open to His corrective vision, so we can clear out those things which don’t belong.

Have you looked at God’s picture of your life lately?