It happens every morning.

I go outside to feed The Dogs (or, as my husband sometimes calls them, The Hyenas.) Lucky, our lone male (and only yellow lab) thinks he cannot approach us without something in his mouth. His choices over the years have ranged from leaves, to his food bowl, to things I’d rather not mention in polite company.

Most often, though, it’s a stick. Or, since we now live in the woods, a tree limb.

And, although it happens every morning, he still waits until the very.last.minute to drop that limb before eating his breakfast.

Is there anything wrong with a tree limb? No. Chewing on them and carrying them around in his mouth brings Lucky much enjoyment. Problem is, there’s no nutritional value (for a dog at least) in a piece of wood. And, if he keeps it in his mouth instead of eating his food, he will eventually starve.

We, like Lucky, need to learn that there are good things, and then there are the best things for us. The good things won’t bring us harm, but they might keep us from something that would do us a whole lot more good.

We need to be willing to drop the tree limbs, so we can eat our breakfast.

What is God calling you to “drop” in your life?