We’ve all been guilty of it. We’ve all talked about someone, being sure they’ll never find out. Maybe it’s a far-away relative or acquaintance, and you know their path will never cross with the one you’re relating what must be a hilarious story about something degrading they did. It could be that conversation in the car with your spouse that you think is safe because no one else is there to hear your ridicule. Perhaps its that text message to your sister, making fun of those people  you saw at the frozen yogurt store.

Maybe you think it doesn’t matter if you make fun of someone behind their backs. After all, what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?



In Leviticus 19, God is giving a set of instructions to the Israelites on how they should behave and how they should deal with others. Tucked in among the rules is this little gem:

“I am the LORD your God, and I command you not to make fun of the deaf or to cause a blind person to stumble.”

Really, God? REALLY? You really care whether I make fun of a deaf person, when they can’t even hear me? It matters to you if I trip a blind person, when there is no way they could pin it on me? After all, it could be a rock or a stray sheep they tripped over. No one saw me stick out my sandal as they were walking by!

But God sees. He always sees. And what’s more, He knows the intentions behind what we do.

Yeah. Makes it hit home a little, doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter to Him if the person we’re making fun of or talking about finds out about it or not. He knows about it, and He’s displeased because it shows a deeper problem in our hearts.

Because He loves us and wants us to be our best, it matters. It all matters to Him.