It’s a fact of life. At some point, people will say things about you (and probably about your Christian walk) which are totally false. We may try to defend ourselves against the attack, but that sometimes feels like a losing battle.

I used to work for a newspaper, and I learned that the one thing that editors and publishers feared more than anything was libel. Trying to keep from getting sued because of something that was written is a major factor (at most newspapers anyway) shaping what is reported and how it is written. Unlike television news, which is here today, gone tomorrow, what is put down in print is much easier to prove and therefore much easier to sue over.

Anything I wrote, I had to be able to substantiate. It had to be the truth. Why? Because we had a saying in that industry: The truth is always a defense.

Anyone can sue anyone over anything in this country, that much is true. But, if you could prove that what you had written was the truth, you stood a pretty good chance of getting that lawsuit thrown out of court.

The same holds true in our lives. Yes, people may try to talk about us and spread falsehoods. It can be nearly impossible to defend against those lies, but our responsibility is to make sure that our lives continue to hold up to God’s standards. As Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians,

“We use our right living to defend ourselves against everything.”

No matter what others may say about us, if we make sure that we keep to our “right living,” that is all that matters. Eventually, the truth will come out. Those accusations made against us will be proven false and thrown out of the court of public opinion.

Most importantly of all, we can rest assured that God, the Judge of all, knows what the truth really is.

Keep your head up, and your hands clean, because the truth is always your best defense against lies.