Every morning when I get ready to start my day, I think the same thing as I put on my makeup.

“Man, I sure do need a lot of concealer.”

I have very dark under eye circles, partially from genetics and partially from my constant state of sleep deprivation. And, even though I’m looking down the loaded end of 40, my skin seems to think I’m still 13 and behaves as such.

There is a solution to all this cover up, of course. I could take better care of myself, making sure to go to bed at a decent time and taking my makeup off before I go to bed (which I’m sometimes lax about). I know both of those things would make me look AND feel better, but every morning I just keep on with the camouflage.

We do that in our spiritual lives, too. It’s much more work trying to cover up those ugly things in our lives than it is to try and do something about them! Will we go through an awkward stage while we’re getting things right, and look worse than we would have before? Probably. But, in the end, it’s all worth it.

The Bible teaches that we are the Bride of Christ, and that, just like every bride wants to look perfect on our wedding day, we should seek to be “without blemish” for Him.

Let’s stop covering it up. Let’s get things out in the open, and correct them. Let’s let our natural beauty shine through.