I was sitting in worship practice one night at my church, and during a lull in the activity I looked up, for what seemed like the first time, and considered the ceiling.

Across the expanse are many, many recessed lights, placed at a perfect distance from each other so that there is enough light for everyone.

Now, I didn’t attend this church during the construction phase, but the thought occurred to me that those lights didn’t just appear there up above – someone, maybe an architect, maybe a lighting designer – came in and determined exactly how many lights would be needed to illuminate the space, how far apart to place them, and what wattage of light bulb needed to be used. Why so much care? Because the designers knew we would need that light to be able to get the most use out of the space.

God is a lighting designer too, you know. He shines the light of His word into our lives so that we can see what He wants us to – our faults, as well as His love for us. He searches our souls with the light of His truth, and He knows exactly how much light we need to see what He sees.

What is God shining His light on in your life today?