You know what’s frustrating? Sitting in a terrible traffic jam, never going over five miles-per-hour, for what seems like an eternity…only to suddenly have the traffic clear, with no sign of what the problem was.

Yes, I know, We’ve ALL been there, done that.

As a former reporter and current “nosy person,” I often try to find out any information I can on these situations. I listen to traffic reports, check websites, and look for clues as I pass by.

Still, more often than not, all I get is a big fat nothing.

I guess instead of being bitter that I don’t know the whole story, I need to be grateful that I’m no longer sitting in that jam, wasting my time and gas, trying to keep my calm so my 10-year-old doesn’t see me completely flip out in anger.

Life can be like that too. We all see tragedy around us – natural disasters, extreme sickness, and those taken too soon from us in death. As humans, we struggle for answers, but there often aren’t any.

Just like Job didn’t know at the time why he was being tested, we may never know until we reach Heaven why bad things happen here. That question keeps many from a true faith in Christ, but if we know what one of my professors called the “moral nature of God,” we have to trust that He has a plan for all of this, whether we can see it or not.

The truth is, just like those traffic jams, there are many situations in our lives without answers. Instead of letting it frustrate and discourage us, we should seek to see what good God will bring out of the tragedy, and how suffering can bring us closer to Him.