When I was a child, my mom would make cakes and, if I was just lucky enough, there would be some leftover icing in the can which she would let me finish off. It was such a treat! I’ve always had a pretty strong sweet tooth, so the pure, unadulterated mixture of sugar and fat was just about as good as it got.

I remember thinking back then that, when I got to be an adult, I would buy entire cans of icing just for eating. I could not wait for the day when I’d be in charge of my own grocery shopping!

Needless to say, in all the years since reaching adulthood, I have never done such a thing. Once I did become a grownup, it seemed wasteful to buy a can of icing (which, as you have probably noticed, is even more expensive than the cake mix) just to eat out of. Plus, there’s that whole learning-how-to-read-nutrition-labels thing that came along with maturity.

Maturity. That’s an important word. It means we’ve not only grown older, we’ve grown up and out of childish attitudes and behaviors. The problem is, while most of us grow older, some of us never really grow up.

Maturity helps us to realize that some behaviors just aren’t becoming to us. Talking behind someone’s back…manipulating people or situations to get what we want…pouting because we didn’t get our way…those are all the ways of children. They make us subject to punishment as children – and as adults.

When we are young in our faith, we don’t know any better. But, through learning and discipline, God expects more of us over time. He expects us to grow, to give grace to those around us, to accept when things aren’t as we’d hoped. He expects us to learn to trust Him instead of trying to do things our way and think He’ll bless our mess.

Today, let’s look at our lives through His expectations, and see if there are any “icing cans” still hanging around that we need to get rid of. Maturity looks so much better on us than buttercream, anyway!