This past week, I had the task of cleaning out three refrigerators and three deep freezers. Why on earth would a chore-averse person like me do such a thing? To prepare for Thanksgiving.

In each case, there were things on those shelves that didn’t belong, and, if left there, they would have kept me from being able to fill the refrigerators and freezers with all the yummy foods we love to eat at this time of year.

It might be a gallon of milk that was left in the fridge last week when another, fresher one was brought in and never removed, or some leftovers from six months ago – it doesn’t really matter what I removed, just that those thing that didn’t belong there were purged to make room for those that were meant to be there.

We have to prepare our lives, too, to give thanks.

We have to remove all the things in our life that displease God and don’t belong there so we’ll have room to receive the wonderful blessings of a greatful heart.

It’s not expired milk we have to worry about, but things like anger, bitterness, jealosy, and strife. Our hearts can be so full of those things that don’t line up with the word of God that we have a hard time coming into His presence with thanksgiving and entering into His courts with praise.

Let’s all take time over the next few days to not only thank God for His blessings, but to ask Him to examine our hearts and remove the unsavory parts so we can make way for His abundance.