We were watching one of those “house hunting” shows one night, mostly as background noise while my family visited.

“Mom, why would we want to watch a show with a big house we want but we can’t have?” was the question posed by my 10-year-old. The property in question was a huge, half-million-dollar home on a large piece of property.

“Do you want a house like that?”


To be fair, we live in a home of fewer than 900 square feet, but there are only three of us living here. It’s affordable, it’s comfortable, and it’s right next door to my parents!


“So we can have a big house and yard!”

She seemed to overlook the advantages of where she did live, including the fact that we aren’t so bound up in a mortgage that we’re working two jobs to make ends meet. Also, we live on nearly three acres, so her yard is plenty big!

I think, though, that she had a point. We are constantly bombarded by images of things which we don’t have, and probably don’t need, but we can begin to focus on them and develop what the Bible calls the “lust of the eyes.”

How many times have you flipped over to a cooking show, and if you weren’t hungry before, you were scavenging in the fridge by the second commercial break?

How many times have you come away from watching a soap opera, or a romantic movie, discouraged because your own relationships just didn’t match up?

How many times have you gone “window shopping,” only to leave dejected by the sights of all the other shoppers merrily ringing up purchases?

We have to guard our hearts by guarding our eyes. We control what goes in, and we have to be on alert for those things that would steal our contentment and rob us of our joy.

Let’s be on the lookout for those things which would cause us to become discouraged with God’s blessings on our lives, and focus instead on the path He has set before us.