The week after Thanksgiving, I made three dogs very, very happy.

We don’t usually feed our Labs table scraps, but I had a whole pan of turkey that it was evident we weren’t going to eat. I went outside to feed them, but only two – my two females – were on the porch waiting. As I distributed the treat, I called for my male, Lucky.

I’m pretty sure he could smell the turkey at the end of the driveway, because he promptly came running!

I sat the bowls down on the porch, but something odd happened. Instead of coming up where we were to get the food, Lucky tried sticking his head through the porch railings from the ground level and getting at the food from the backside. No matter how much I tried to explain to him that this was not the way to get at the meat, he kept up his futile efforts. I had to walk back down the length of the porch towards the steps with the empty pan to get him to follow me towards the point where he could access his breakfast.

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus gave us clear instructions for getting what we need:

“Ask,and it will be given to you;seek, and you will find;knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? So simple that we humans try to complicate it, put our own spin on it, and get to it any way but the way we should.

If you’re frustrated in some area of your life, stop a minute and ask Him if you’re going about it the wrong way. Make sure you’re following the instructions in the Word, and not trying to do it your way. Let Him show you how to resolve a situation or get what you need.

Your blessing could be just on the other side of that porch railing! Let Him show you how to get to it.