It was a dark and stormy night…

Not really, but it was late, and I was eager to get home after a long day. But, I had a problem: I really, really needed to do some laundry, but I was out of detergent. The main store options open to me at that hour made me tired just thinking about navigating their big-box aisles (plus, I was fresh out of detergent coupons) so I ducked into the nearest dollar store for some cheap suds.

It didn’t take my husband and me long to figure out that there was a pretty good reason that bottle of detergent only cost a dollar!

The next chance we got, we bought another brand and I put the dollar store jug on the shelf: my “emergency detergent.” I’d use it only if I were desperate!

I think sometimes we use God that way. We come to Him and turn our lives around just long enough to get out of a jam, and then as soon as we get a chance, we come up with a way of life that we think is better. Eventually, we find ourselves in need of an emergency washing once again.

It’s a vicious cycle, my friend, only broken when we put Him on the front of our “shelf” and go to Him on a regular, rather than an as-needed, basis. He wants to be so much more to us than just our back-up plan!

Where does God stand in your life’s laundry room today?