I could hear the “discussion” coming from the next room.

My daughter had an early-morning dentist appointment, and my husband was trying desperately to get her out the door. Neither of them is what you’d term a “morning person,” so it wasn’t going very well.

She normally loves school, but she knew from past experience that she wouldn’t feel like going to class after she had the minor dental work done. She’d asked him if she had to go in (he said no), asked me (I also told her she could stay home) and then asked him again. I guess she wanted to be absolutely certain she wasn’t going to have to eat lunch in front of her classmates with only a half-functioning mouth!

“Dad, are you going to keep me out of school today?” she asked.

“I can’t keep you home from school if I can’t even get you out the door!” he replied in frustration.

We’re like that sometimes, aren’t we? God has given us something – a promise, an instruction, a word of some sort – and we’re so busy trying to get the future accomplished that we neglect obedience in the present.

Let’s take things one step at a time. God may have given you that word for a future time, but you might have to travel a certain path before your faith can become sight. He is preparing us for each step in our journey, so we will be ready to receive the things He has prepared for us.

Let’s concentrate on obeying today, and tomorrow will fall into place.