When we exercise, we’re advised by the “experts” to stretch before we start.


Because we’re about to use our muscles and move our bodies in ways they aren’t used to. If we don’t do it a little at a time, we risk injuring ourselves and not being able to complete the exercise we started out to do.

When we endeavor to do something new for God, we often refer to the uncomfortable feeling as “stretching.” I think it’s a fitting analogy. After all, God doesn’t dump us into something new all at once; He gets us there gradually, slowly getting us out of our comfort zone, moving us towards a goal that only He can see. Eventually, we’re using our spiritual muscles and moving in ways we never thought possible.

If we’re to be who God called us to be, we have to be pliable and let Him stretch us to reach the place He wants us. How is He stretching you today?