“Count on this: The wicked won’t get off scot-free, and God’s loyal people will triumph.” Proverbs 11:21

I like to enter contests from time to time. I don’t usually win anything, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot!

The ones I don’t like to enter are those with long lead times. You know the ones: look in the fine print, and you’ll discover that the winners won’t be notified for MONTHS, or maybe even a whole YEAR! By that time, I’ve forgotten I even entered the contest in the first place!

My attention span is not that long!

Fortunately, as Christians we don’t have to wait an eternity to find out if we’ve won. The Bible is full of promises about living victoriously, triumphing over the evil in this world. We can, and will, win!

Walk in victory today!