My daughter is a wonderful, bright, imaginative girl.

She inherited her red hair from my husband, and her penchant for clutter from me.

As I continually strive to improve my homemaking skills, and as she has gotten older, we have expected more of her in terms of keeping her room clean. Unfortunately, instead of doing the little things it takes to keep her space tidy, she lets it pile up until it’s so overwhelming that she can’t fathom ever getting it clean.

A few times a year, I take pity on her and do a deep cleaning of her room myself. This accomplishes two things. One, I can get in there and throw away the trash (old papers and entirely too many Happy Meal toys) that she would never let go of. Two, I can spend and hour in there and give her something she can, if she stays consistent, keep clean in a few minutes a day.

The biggest reason I do this is because I love her and I want to help her succeed.

God looks at us, His children, in the same way.

He knows that our lives are a mess, and that we can’t fix them by ourselves. If we are willing, He is able to do a deep cleaning and give us the fresh start we need to make our way to Him.

Never doubt that no matter how many times you’ve come back to Him, He is waiting to help you tidy up and get on the right track. He’ll help us sweep out the deep corners of our heart and give us the tools – His word, prayer, fellowship with other believers – to keep it that way.