I love to sing. My voice, like that of most of the women in my family is low.

As in, low.

Occasionally I am blessed with the opportunity to lead a group in song. It can be a challenge, especially if we’re singing without musical accompaniment, to find a key that’s comfortable for most of those present.

On two occasions recently, I’ve gotten myself in trouble (note-wise) by trying to pitch a song out of my range. After the last time, someone said, “Just be an alto!”

Yes, I might have been trying to do the considerate thing by trying to sing soprano, but I wasn’t doing myself (or my listeners) any favors by squeaking out the words in a key that was just too high!

Instead of trying to be something I’m not – the next Sandi Patty, for instance – I need to embrace who God made me to be. He knew before I was ever formed in my mother’s womb that my voice would be that low, and He knew all sorts of other things about me – and you – as well.

However God has made you, however He has gifted you, be the best “you” that you can be. I’m not a very good soprano, but I sound much better when I sing the notes God created me to sing.

We’re all more effective when we’re playing our part, instead of trying to play someone else’s!