My daughter, who has doesn’t care how old a video game is that she’s playing (even if it’s older than she is) and I were having a technology discussion recently.

She was wondering if the black-and-white version of an ancient handheld game would be color if one put the cartridge in the color upgrade of the console.

I was explaining that if the designers didn’t have the technology to make the game color when they manufactured it, it would still be black and white on the new game system – if it even worked at all. They could only get out of the game’s performance what they had put in it.

To be able to effectively play the game, you need to know what it was designed to do. And to effectively work in the Kingdom, we need to know what we were designed to do.

What gifts and talents has God placed in you? You can read about them in Ephesians and other places in His word. You can take a “spiritual gifts” test. Or, you can pray and seek Him in the matter. What do you enjoy doing the most? What ignites a passion in you? Whether you’re looking at your secular work or your sacred service, the answer might surprise you.

He created you with and for a purpose. Isn’t it time you started discovering what that is?