I learned an important lesson recently.

My mom and husband had gone in together and bought me a fancy single-serving coffee machine. Fortunately, it also came with a special filter insert so that I can use my own coffee instead of having to pay outrageous amounts for their pre-measured cups!

One morning I made my first cup, as usual. But when I made my second cup, I noticed that something was very, very wrong. I looked at my beautiful, nearly-new coffee maker and water was spewing everywhere! Coffee grounds were leaking into my cup and I feared that it was broken.

I panicked as I investigated further, but a glance at the counter revealed my mistake: the machine works by sending hot, highly-pressurized water through the grounds. In my caffeine-deprived state, I had forgotten to replace the lid on my filter insert and there was nothing to contain and channel the pressure.

I was left with a big mess on my hands and a thought in my head.

What happens in my life when I’m under pressure? What is on the inside of me that comes out when I am faced with situations that press me to the breaking point?

My prayer for all of us is that when life’s pressures come down on us, we will have let God get down so deep inside that He is all that comes out. Let’s let Him change us, from the inside out, so that we don’t crumble when the heat is on.