Thanks to my husband, our three Labs are pretty well trained at mealtime. So that they don’t overrun us, we’ve taught them to sit and stay while their food is being prepared. They don’t get to eat until we say, “Come!” Even our 10-year-old is somehow able to pull this off!

Our youngest dog, Annie, has a different habit than her two “siblings.” Instead of bolting right for the bowls, she comes to me for affection. I know she’s hungry, and that food is tempting, but she just wants me to pet her for a minute or two.

It’s a beautiful picture of how our relationship with God should work.

All too often, we seek those things He provides at the expense of time with Him. Annie still gets to eat, just like the other two. But, she gets something they don’t – time with the master. Our bond is strengthened and she feels love because she takes the time to be with me, and we can reap the same benefits when we seek God’s face instead of His hand. His blessings will be there, but we’ll have the added benefit of a deeper walk with Him.

Listen – is He saying “Come!” to you today? How will you respond?