I’m not a barefoot type of girl, at least not when I’m outside. But recently, I was roped into an impromptu game of football and found myself without the proper footwear.

I was pretty sure that my flip-flops were not going to be much use to me as I tried to block my opponents from tackling my teammates or catch a pass! Looking at the lush green grass, though, I thought I would be OK to just shed the shoes and go without.

Boy, was I wrong! There were dangers I could see (like bees in the clover) and those I couldn’t see (tiny, spiky twigs.) I couldn’t concentrate on the job at hand – playing the game – because I was looking at my feet instead of what was going on around me. I was too busy trying to protect myself!

Eventually, I had my fill of tiptoeing through the tulips (I mean, clover) and put my shoes back on. They fit better than I had remembered, and I found new confidence to rejoin my teammates in playing to win.

When the Lord instituted the Passover in Exodus, He gave specific instructions for the Israelites to eat dinner with their shoes on (Ex. 12:11). He had something for them to do, and they couldn’t do it without the right footwear! They had to be prepared to move at a moment’s notice, without worrying whether they might injure themselves in the process.

In Isaiah, we learn that the feet of those who bring the gospel are beautiful – not bruised and torn. Why? Because they have the proper footwear.

What is our proper footwear? According to Ephesians 6, it’s the gospel of peace. Yes, there is a whole litany of other pieces of armor in that passage, but if we don’t have those shoes, we aren’t going to get very far. The “good news” of Christ is the thing that gets us from Point A to Point B, and as long as we stay with it, we won’t stumble and fall.

As you get ready for your day, make sure you put His gospel in every step you make. It will help protect you from the dangers, both seen and unseen, along your path.