Every morning on my way to work, I drive through a beautiful wetland area. There are tall sycamore trees and graceful cranes on the serene surface of the water. It’s the definition of “serene.”

The last couple of weeks, though, I’ve noticed a change. The Highway Department has put up lines of strong cables along the road’s edge. It mars the beautiful view, but since my last job included a police scanner, I am well aware of the many motorists who ended up “in the trees.” I know how important those barriers are.

God has erected barriers for us, too. They are His laws, standards, and commandments. We may think they only serve to “cramp our style,” but they have an important purpose. They protect us from the very real dangers lurking just off His pathway.

The next time you feel God’s fences surrounding you, don’t think.of them as an inconvenience. Remember their life-saving value and thank Him for His mercy.