“Every morning you’ll hear me at it again. Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar and watch for fire to descend.” Psalm 5:3

I was having one of those mornings where I had more to get done than I had time to do it.

Ever been there?

I was going down my mental list, trying to figure out what I could leave off.

Coffee? No, that definitely had to be there. Breakfast? Gotta have that…I’m not nice to be around when I’m hungry! I definitely had to get my daughter to school on time, and grocery shopping could not wait one more day!

(And that was my list of before-work tasks…)

I thought I could push my time with God to later in the day, to shoehorn Him in sometime on Aisle 3 of the supermarket between the cereal and the soup.

Just about the time that thought crossed my mind, I heard the Lord speak:

“Give me this time, and I’ll make sure everything else falls into place. I won’t let anything fall through the cracks.”

“Ok, God,” I thought. “I’m going to hold You to it!”

Someway, somehow, I did get done everything that had to be finished. Spending that quiet time with Him first thing didn’t guarantee me a stress-free day, but His promise to bless my sacrifice helped buoy me through what did come my way.

This isn’t to say that devotional time at other points in the day doesn’t have merit – because it does. For many years I had mine right before bed, which helped me power down before going to sleep. But I’ve learned that there is something special about getting it done first thing. Not getting it over with, but giving Him those moments so He can order our steps in His way.

What a privilege that the Creator of the universe wants to commune with us!