Delta is the oldest of our three dogs, somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 years old. The poor girl is starting to show the signs of her age – grey hairs mix in with her jet black fur, and she sometimes has a hard time getting around.

Many chilly mornings, it’s all she can do to rise from her curled-up position and walk down the porch to the feeding area. One day recently, it took so much effort that I met her halfway so she wouldn’t have so far to travel.

Even after I brought the food to her, it took several more minutes for her to bend down and reach the food. Was she hungry? I’m sure she was! But the stiffness in her joints was keeping her from doing what came so easily to the other two dogs.

When we deal with those who are lost without Jesus around us, we will often be called to meet them halfway. Are we trying to water down the message? Certainly not! But we do have to realize that, for whatever reason, not everyone is going to progress into and through the Christian experience at the same rate.

Many people have issues below the surface, that we can’t see, that may mean they have more difficulty coming to a saving faith. There may be hurts, habits, or hangups that present roadblocks. It’s our duty as the ones carrying the “bread of life” to make sure that all are fed – even when we have to show an extra dose of compassion.

What can you do today to help encourage someone down the Gospel road?