Whenever a baby is born, most folks want to know two things:

1. How much did he/she weigh? and

2. Who does he/she look like?

It’s the favorite sport of adoring aunts, uncles, grandparents, and perfect strangers – trying to discern which features the child inherited from which parent.

When we are “born again” as a new creation into God’s family, those around us should be asking the same thing. What characteristics of Christ are we developing? Are the Fruit of the Spirit being developed in our lives?

We should look less and less like this world, and more and more like Christ’s image.

The further we progress in our journey, the more we learn about the Savior, the more like Him we should start to look. How about you? Have you looked at your life in the mirror lately and seen any of His features?

Who do YOU look like?