“Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word.” Proverbs 16:1

Every morning when I walk outside, I’m greeted by one of my favorite fragrances: honeysuckle. There are huge bushes of it growing around my house, and the scent permeates the air as I leave for the day.

It reminds me of another time I enjoyed the smell of honeysuckle, and how I almost missed out.

I was traveling back from Georgia to Mississippi just after graduating college, with my then-fiancee and my younger brother in tow. I can’t remember what problem we were having with my 15-year-old car (because we’d had plenty over the years) but whatever it was, it meant we couldn’t run the air conditioning.

(Did I mention it was May? In the Deep South?)

I was getting a little (okay, a LOT) discouraged. Why couldn’t I just afford a new car? Why did I always have to be the one with the old clunkers we were holding together with hose clamps, plastic ties, and a ton of prayer? It wasn’t fair!

Just then, I noticed the atmosphere changed on my pity party. Honeysuckle. We were traveling through rural Alabama and the air was heavy with it. It brought me joy as the cool breeze brought the scent into the car.

And to think, if I’d had that new car, or even a better-working car, I might never have had that moment of pleasure.

Many times, our lives don’t turn out the way we thought they would. Bad things happen to all of us from time to time. God’s ways are not our ways, and we whine about the unfairness of it all.

But, I think it would benefit us to stop and consider not just what we think we’re missing out on, but also what God is trying to show us though His detours. There are times when He takes us down a certain path just so we won’t miss something He deems important. It might be as complex as a relationship He wants us to form, or as simple as a small blessing He wants to give us.

Have you ever had a “divine detour” that turned out to be a blessing in disguise?