Ever heard it said that the best way to get something (a thought, a song, chocolate) out of your head is to replace it with something else? Turns out, that’s also the best way to get out of a bad habit – replace it with a good one.

That’s why so many of our efforts at change fail. We stop a bad habit – smoking, overeating, drug abuse, or any number of other things. But, we don’t replace it with good habits like exercise. Soon, the vacuum created sucks us back in to the lifestyle we led before.

The same holds true in our spiritual life. Many times we have good intentions of changing a bad or even sinful behavior, but we don’t ask God to fill up that empty space in our lives with something more productive.

Instead of going out on the weekends, getting into trouble, maybe you can find a group of Christian friends to hang out with and strengthen each other in your walk. When you normally might have spent your coffee break in a gossip session, spend that time in prayer for those around you.

It’s practical, personal steps like these that help us live a victorious Christian life. What bad habits can the Lord help you with today?