This might make me sound over-protective by some standards, but my 10-year-old daughter has basically never ridden in the front seat of any of our vehicles.

Two of them have airbags, and “they” (whoever “they” are) recommend that children be 4’9″ tall (or 12 years old) before they ride in front of one. She is 4’8″ and nearly 11, so it’ll be time for a change soon!

Sitting in the back seat, if she’s reading quietly or otherwise not being her normal, chatty self, I can almost forget she’s back there. Only when she breaks the silence does it dawn on me that I have a passenger behind me! Other times, when she is speaking, the noise of the road drowns out her voice. I wonder sometimes how the dynamic of our car rides will change once she’s up front with me, full time. I won’t be able to “forget” about her then, and I’ll be able to hear her loud and clear!

What about when we’re riding down the road of our lives – which seat is the Lord occupying in the automobile of your heart? If He’s taken a back seat to your travel plans, it might be difficult to hear Him over the noise of the world around us. It may be easy to tune Him out as we listen to the music of our own will.

He’s the Savior and the Shepherd of your soul. He deserves to be up front and personal in the journey of your life. He deserves to be heard above the din of our days. He deserves the best seat in our hearts!