“‘What I am leaving with you is shalom — I am giving you my shalom. I don’t give the way the world gives. Don’t let yourselves be upset or frightened.'” John 14:27, Complete Jewish Bible

Shalom. It’s a word we hear in popular culture, which we understand to mean “peace.” But do we know what it really means?

Shalom means more than just peace. Simple peace can be had in a quiet room, or on a beach, or in the middle of the woods. Shalom also includes completeness, wholeness, and welfare.

Shalom is the word Jesus used to tell His followers that even though He was leaving, they were going to be alright. He wasn’t telling them that they would have quiet solitude. He was telling them that they (and, by extension, we) would be safe, whole, complete in Him. The same shalom He had while He walked among us on this earth, He was imparting to man. What an overwhelming thought!

As He said, the world would tell us that there are all sorts of ways to achieve shalom – money, relationships, power, or even some religious practices. But the only way to achieve true wholeness and completeness is in Him. It isn’t fleeting, like the good feeling we have after we score a great deal on a new outfit. We can count on His shalom because it comes from Him and, like Him is is eternal and unchanging.

My prayer for you today, is that you experience the shalom which the Lord gives, in every area of your life.