A thought to ponder for today:

You know how impressive and beautiful it is to see sunbeams streaming through the clouds? It can seem like a window straight into heaven. I know I’m awe-struck every time I witness it.

Here’s the thing: without the clouds, there would be no beautiful beams of light. The sunlight dissipates through the cloud cover, and we can see it become more focused and intense. The beauty is dependent on the obstacle.

In our own lives, too, it sometimes takes the clouds of despair, grief, and disappointment obscuring our view to make the rays of God’s love and hope that much more pronounced.

Are there clouds gathering in your life today? Take heart. When you least expect it, God will break through and those difficulties will only make it easier to see His hand at work. He will shine His rays of light and hope right into your circumstances, leaving you awe-struck at the sight.

No matter what you’re going through, remember to keep your head up, and your eyes open.