Have you ever been around a baby who is learning to walk? It’s kind of amazing to see the stages they go through – scooting (usually backwards at first!), crawling in all it’s forms, “cruising,” and finally, walking.

The first several stages babies can normally do on their own. It doesn’t take much outside intervention to crawl! But when it comes to walking, they usually need some assistance. It doesn’t take most babies long to figure out that it is much easier to be mobile when holding on to someone’s hand! The more practice they get, and the more support they have, the quicker they will learn to walk.

When we become acquainted with a new believer, we have the same responsibility to help.

When a “newborn” Christian starts out, it is imperative that they receive support from more experienced believers.  Without someone lending a hand and coming alongside, they stand very little chance of growing in Christ.

Just like no one gets exasperated when a baby takes a while to learn to walk unassisted, we need to show patience to the “babes in Christ.”

Today,  begin asking the Lord to allow you to support the new Christians around you. It will be one of the most essential ministry roles you will ever fulfill.