Listen to a magnificent choir or symphonic performance sometime. You’ll notice (usually) one lone figure up front: the conductor.

It’s the conductor’s job to keep everyone on time and in tune with the composer’s intent. He or she gives arm and hand signals to the performers to communicate his or her vision. Done correctly, it is a beautiful thing.

But how did those musicians and vocalists learn to follow the conductor’s instructions? It wasn’t when they stepped onstage for their first performance. It was during hour upon hour of rehearsal. Although each section could hear its own work, it was only the conductor who could hear the whole of the piece. Only he or she could know if the elements were blending correctly, or if one part needed a “boost” to be heard. The conductor gets to know the performers, and vice versa. They learn each other’s ways. He leads them, and they learn how to follow.

In the performance of our lives, we must stay in close communication with our Master. God is continually talking to us, giving us instructions. He knows how to bring out our strengths and help us gain strength in our weak areas. Only He sees the whole of our lives at one time. He knows what we will need and when, and how to get us to accomplish it. If we aren’t paying attention, we can fall out of His will and into a mess.

Learn His signals; listen and obey; and the chorus of your life will be beautiful music to everyone around you and point others towards the Lord of the Song.