God uses my dogs to teach me lessons about the kingdom on a pretty regular basis.

For example: one recent Saturday, I decided they needed a treat. Now, I don’t know about how other people treat their pets, but ours have to work for it! This particular day, they were working on their “sitting” skills. They sat, and I gave the treats. Easy peasy!

When treat time was over, the dogs – especially my yellow lab, Lucky, kept on sitting, staring at my hands. God began then and there to speak to me about my own motivation.

You see, my family is smack dab in the middle of a vehicle crisis. Out of the three (used, paid off) cars we own, only one is operational. It’s been easy to get discouraged and beg God for an easy way out. Yes, God does supply our needs, and sometimes in miraculous ways. But just like I want my dogs to obey me because they love me (and not because of the treats in my hand) God wants us to seek Him – to know Him – to love Him – not just the things He gives us.

The Word urges us to seek the Lord first, and everything else will be taken care of. It’s one of the lessons He is teaching me in this season. Whatever you are facing today, I pray that you are learning to seek His face in relationship and not His hand of blessing.