“But I’m in the very presence of God— oh, how refreshing it is!” Psalm 73:28

In the area where I live, it is H-O-T right now! Since I’ve lived here almost my whole life, this doesn’t come as a shock to me – but it still takes my breath away when I hit that heat and humidity coming out of an air conditioned building!

One thing about this kind of heat, is that it makes you tired. It wears you out! But just a little cold water can go a long, long way towards rejuvenation. When you feel that icy liquid start to enter your body, it immediately wakes you up and gives you the strength to keep going.

Oddly enough, I’ve found that even when I know I’m supposed to be drinking water (to get in my eight glasses a day) if I’m comfortably cool already, it’s extremely difficult. I need to be hot and parched to get it down!

God’s presence is like that, too.

He comes in with streams of refreshing when we’re dry and thirsty for Him. He brings us strength in our weary times so that we can keep going for Him. And like my problem drinking enough water when I’m comfortable, we seem to seek Him more when we’re going through those desert times. It’s easier to feel His uplifting power when we’re down and out.

Let’s not wait until we’re in the middle of the desert to seek Him. Let’s seek Him now, no matter what our circumstances are, good or bad. He’s waiting to bring us His refreshing power whether we’re on a mountain, or in a valley.

Here on earth, we get weary and dry.