My family and I have been going through a kind of “car crisis” since the beginning of this year. It’s quite ironic, actually, since my dad is a mechanic! My sister’s car has been down since January. My car went down a couple of months later. And my husband’s Jeep is just now operational after more than a month!

(Luckily,  we all live next door to each other and have been pitching in to help with transportation needs!)

When I think about our vehicles, each one has problems. My Mom’s van has no air conditioner. My van does have air, but the suspension needs work so it shimmies down the road. My car needs a motor, but the tires are brand new…you get the picture!

Sometimes I think that if we could combine all the working parts off each automobile, we’d have one  nice car.

People are like that too, you know.  Each of us has our own faults.  You may be critical, while I may be prone to “stretching the truth.” One person might have a problem with gossip,  another with anger. But unlike our cars, each of us does make up a whole – the Body of Christ.

We all have our issues to work through. We all have hurst, habits, and hang ups we need to get victory over. We all make mistakes on a pretty regular basis. And, we should all consider that fact the next time we are tempted to condemn others.

We are all imperfect people, serving a perfect God.