“Then Jesus turned to the Jews who had claimed to believe in him. “If you stick with this, living out what I tell you,you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth,and the truth will free you.”  John 8:31-32

“The truth will make you free!” It’s exclaimed from pulpits all over the world. It’s used in both secular and sacred settings. But look a little further up in John chapter 8, and see it in context.

Jesus had been speaking with the religious scholars of the day, declaring who He was and who had sent Him. Though the Pharisees  were having none of it, many of those who were listening to Him believed.

To these new believers, Jesus said that if they would abide in Him, studying His word and following His teachings, they could experience true freedom.

The Pharisees were bound.  The believers could be free.

Jesus offers the same freedom to us today. We can be bound by religiosity and judgementalism just as easily as we can be bound by anger, bitterness, or deceitfulness. The only way to experience true freedom is through being one of Christ’s disciples.

Whatever has you bound today, take heart. The Lord has made a way for you to break free! There is no better time to claim your freedom than right now. Open your heart and His word and let freedom begin.