The jingle on the ad said it all: “You gotta tear it down to make it beautiful.”

Now, they were trying to sell home improvement supplies. But there was some truth that was coming along as an added bonus.

We carry so much stuff in our lives: pride, anger, low self-esteem, just to name a few. And for God to make us the people He sees us as, those things have to be taken off of us. It reminds me of a metaphor a friend once used, that God prunes us through our struggles and trials so that we can bear good fruit for Him.

It might feel like you’re being torn down by the circumstances of your life. But look around, and look inside. You might see that God is allowing those things to weed out those things which don’t please Him. Just like in the pruning metaphor, a tree’s growth is hampered when no one takes care of the unnecessary, dead branches.

Lord, help me to stand back and take a look at what’s really at work in my life when trials come. May I welcome your careful trimming so that I can become all you desire for me to be.