When I was a teenager, my parents had a rule: the first year I had my license, I could only drive (other than to school) if I had one of my four siblings with me.

Their logic was that I would drive more safely with a brother or sister in tow. Back then, as now, I felt their logic was somewhat faulty, but I guess I had the wrong perspective. The additional passengers were actually acting as their spies, to report back on my driving habits!

As Christians, we have to remember that we never, ever drive alone. Whether the passenger is someone near – like a child or a spouse – or someone on our periphery – like a co-worker or neighbor – there is always someone riding along, watching our every move. Except, they aren’t going to tattle on us if we break the speed limit. They are looking at our performance to draw their own conclusions about what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Look in your rearview mirror. Who is sitting in your backseat, observing your life? You might be surprised, and you might even obey the rules of the road a little more diligently.