It’s back-to-school time in my area,  and the buzz among my friends who work in education is a new concept called “common core.” It’s a philosophy that helps students retain knowledge by coordinating the different subjects and interweaving the lessons. Ideally,  it means a more complete body of knowledge and better understanding.

One reason it might be successful is that real life operates in much the same way. Rarely does an area of life not bleed over into another. Real life is less like a waffle, and more like spaghetti!

To really have a productive, successful Christian life, we have to let Jesus infiltrate each part of our lives. We can’t just give Him one area of ourselves – He has to have it all: our family life,  our work life, our social life. It just won’t work any other way! His teaching and example must influence the very core of who we are.

Is there part of you that you’ve been holding back? That’s a recipe for failure and frustration. Try it His way,  and see how much more fulfilling your life will be.