“[Love] keeps no record of wrongs” 1 Cor. 13:5

In our digital world, it is said that nothing is ever really deleted. Emails, texts, status updates, and photos are always out there in cyberspace,  waiting to remind us of our past and of the wrongs we have suffered. Hurtful words that were typed in haste can be reread and rehashed at any time. It’s a situation that can make forgiveness, of ourselves and others, even more difficult.

God’s word teaches us that, thankfully, He keeps no records of our sins once they have been forgiven! If He had a phone or an email account, and He tried to pull up our mistakes, all He would see is a “File not found” error message. It isn’t that He can’t remember. He chooses not to!

It’s an example He sets for us. Do you have evidence of past mistakes or hurts lying around? Are you tempted to reread them, or are you reminded of now-forgiven sins each time you log on? Now might be the time to hit the delete button and let some things go.

It’s love – for Him, for others, and for ourselves – that gives us the strength to step away from the past. Is there something you need to let go of today? He is more than able to show you the way. It’s His great love that makes it possible.