“God is our  refuge and strength, a very  presenthelp in  trouble.” Psalm 46:1

People all around me (and you) are living today in crisis mode.

Marriages are failing. Finances are failing. Health is failing. Hope is failing.

We (and they) can take comfort in one fact today, though: Jesus never fails. David wrote that the Lord isn’t only our refuge (a place to hide), He’s our strength (when we have none of our own) and He’s a present help in trouble.

Present. Right here, right now. Not pie-in-the-sky, by-and-by. Here now.

If you are one of those precious ones who is living through a crisis, please don’t lose heart. Reach out to the One who can steer us through the storms, the One who cares about us above all others.

Reach out and run to Him. He is here!