I was driving home, listening to the news on the radio. The skies above me were sunny and clear, yet the broadcast was being constantly interrupted by the screeching of an alert tone and a mechanized voice.

I listened carefully for any danger I might be in, but all I heard were counties many miles away.

I was irritated. Imagine, interrupting MY commute home to warn someone who might not even be listening! The truth was, though, that the authorities had to warn everyone, in hopes of saving someone.

You might sit in service on a Sunday morning, irritated that the sermon doesn’t apply to you. You and I need to consider, though, that the Lord has given that word for someone who is in attendance. It might not be you, but it might be someone you love. The next time, the tables might be reversed, and the message is exactly what brings you deliverance and hope.

Aren’t we willing to take that chance? It might not be for you today, but when it is, you’ll be glad someone was obedient!