The worship team I serve on has been practicing a song lately, and I (and several of my teammates) can’t stop singing it.

The song asks Jesus to be the center of our lives, His church – of everything. It has had me thinking: what is the center of my life? In the “solar system of Melissa,” what does my life revolve around?

Although I’d love to sit here and tell you that the only thing at the center of my life is all Jesus, all the time, that wouldn’t be completely true. Unfortunately, I can let the problems in my life, the busyness of my schedule, or even the “work of the church” move into that position.

So, my prayer for all of us today is that our lives will revolve around Jesus, that He will be at the core of who we are and what we do. When that happens, He will take care of all those other areas that try to take the spot which He designed for Himself. I pray we will put Jesus at the center.