Several years ago, a movie came out that chronicled the changes a young boy brought to those around him – and those who had never met him – by encouraging people to “pay it forward.” Simply put, instead of paying someone back for some good deed they did for you, paying it forward means doing something good for someone else in gratitude for the blessing you received.

When God blesses us, there is no way we can pay Him back. His goal is for us to “pay it forward,” so that we can be a conduit of His work here on earth.

Have you ever received an unexpected blessing? The sense of wonder and gratitude can be overwhelming. Now, think about what you could do to pass that blessing on to someone else. Because, here is the honest truth: you never know what what someone is praying, deep in their heart. You never know if that person has a need that you never knew about, or if they’re even wondering if God exists. You could be the answer to their prayers, and not even know it.

From time to time, we all are the recipients of unexpected favor, of unmerited blessing. I challenge you that the next time this happens, you ask Him to show you the next person to “pay it forward” to. It may not be immediate, but I guarantee that if you ask, He will answer. Let’s be His hands and feet, in a practical way, to the world around us.