My daughter has not been sleeping well for the past few weeks. This would be more understandable if she were a toddler, but she’s in middle school! She’s waking up in the middle of the night, and having trouble getting settled back down. At first, she was waking me up every few minutes, wanting me to “put her to bed.” She’s now moved on to “self-soothing” with books and television. Not the best plan, I know, but we’re trying to work through this!

One night, I wrestled to settle her down for an hour and a half past her normal bedtime. I was exhausted, frazzled, and frustrated. I’d had devotional time with her, sang to her, and prayed over her. I’d given her a notebook and a pen and encouraged her to journal her thoughts, hoping that would help her mind unwind. Nothing was helping! As I attempted to leave her room (again!) I heard her call my name. In a moment of frustration, I threw up my hands and said, “There’s nothing else I can do for you! Only God can help you get some rest!”

This was not one of my proudest parenting moments! But the words rang in my ears. The truth is, it is all up to Him. I can provide a peaceful environment, but I can’t make her go to sleep – at least not without the help of heavy medication! I can put a bandage on her wounds, but I can’t heal them. I can teach her about the ways of the Lord, but I can’t be there to guide her all day, every day, into a life lived for Him.

There is some peace in that thought – it’s all up to Him. There comes a point in everyone’s life when they need to accept that fact, whether for themselves or for a loved one. We can take solace in that because, unlike people, He never fails, and He never gives up.

Are you wrestling with something today? Is a situation stealing your peace? Remember to let Him take over, and do what only He can do. When we reach the end of ourselves, it’s all up to Him – and He is more than able to handle it.