The area I travel going to and from work each day is designated as a wetland and protected by the government. Except, right now, it’s not so wet! Thanks to the drought we’ve suffered this summer, the streams and ponds are now grassy meadows, where the formerly-submerged vegetation has been able to thrive in the sunlight.

Even though we’ve had some extensive rain in the past few days, it’s still a pretty pitiful sight. It will likely take years for the ecosystem to recover. The cranes and geese that normally populate the area have moved on, and I can only assume the fish are mostly gone as well.

It will take more than a good storm to help water flow here again, and sometimes life’s dry places are the same way.

If you’ve been feeling “dry” – disconnected from God, dead in your spirit, unable to muster the strength to even whisper a prayer – don’t lose hope. It will likely take more than one “mountaintop experience,” more than one conference attendance or worship session to get you back into spiritual normalcy. It will take steady, consistent time with Him to return the balance in your spirit’s ecosystem and set things right again.

Steady rain, whether in the natural or the spiritual, is the key to conquering the dry places.